About Us

About Us

From humble beginnings in 2006, with a small team but big dreams, Maansi Kapoor’s home grown brand Gaupaa Chikaa has now reached an admirable position in the fashion industry over the years.

Maansi, founder and chief designer, with her extremely skilled and creative team has been fabricating not just outfits but happiness and delight for their clients since the inception.

With a rich exposure and experience of more than a decade, in the fashion industry, Gaupaa Chikaa is now offering their collection across the globe.

The most distinguishing feature of the brand is that after years of customising outfits for hundreds of clients, they have an upper hand in understanding customer demands, are better aware of the trends, and are in complete harmony with ever dynamic fashion industry.

From being a women centric brand to expanding into kids’ wear, Gaupaa Chikaa as a brand has come a long way, and growing even further. Maansi, the leading lady of the firm, in her market research studied that a lot of fashion labels don’t cater to kids’ clothing needs and requirements, and hence launched exclusive collection for the tiny tots along with dressy pieces for women of all age groups.


The entire collection under the ‘Shop’ section is designed with love, attention, skilled hands and machines. Versatile fabrics, prints, handwork, and patterns, all are chosen with the idea of doing justice to parameters like latest trend, comfort and cost effectiveness.

Vision: Along with offering exclusive designs and experiences, we continually strive to operate in a manner that caters to our customers’ demands, fuels our team’s creativity and is environment friendly.

Mission: Our mission is to constantly offer stylish yet comfortable and trendy yet convenient outfits across occasions, generations and genders.

Core Values

  1. Quality: The brand’s primary promise is that of quality. From sourcing authentic fabric to intricate handwork, to stitching and styling, their work speaks volumes of the efforts and attention paid to quality at each stage. The brilliance in every single piece here is not by chance, but a conscious choice of quality raw materials and excellent combination of machine and manpower.


  1. Creative Expression: The company understands that a fashion brand thrives on creativity, and thus is constantly showcasing their creative designing skills in their collection. Each piece is given fair time and consideration in terms of innovative design ideas, colour schemes and patterns. It is this creative expression that also gives a sense of job satisfaction to the designing team and feeds them with the motivation to work in a dynamic and competitive environment.


  1. Customer Relationship: The brand abides by the belief that retaining customers is the only way to grow organically. Satisfied and loyal customers of Gaupaa Chikaa are the biggest asset of the company. The credit for such long lasting customer relationships and ever growing customer base goes to quick and timely delivery, exclusivity, reasonable pricing, transparent and ethical business practices.

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